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So we begin on the same sheet of music and in printers lingoIn this instance the word TAGS = Stiff Index Cardstock and the word LABELS = Sticky Adhesives.  Now, There are 3 types of TAG Printer Applications and not all Software programs use all 3.

1.) Dot-Matrix or Track-Fed Printers

These printers have an expandable width in the carriage mouth of 8 inches or so and have open dots on each side that you have to tear off. The average Dot Matrix Tag width is 4 across and comes fan folded. They are strong printers that easily handle tags and are regularly used for heavier applications like 5 part hospital forms or video stores, etc. Our favorite dot matrix printer is an Okidata 320 Microline Turbo or the newest version of it. Panasonic and Epson also make good Dot Matrix printers. Please Note that Dot Matrix printers always use Ink cartridges so you must consider that cost when you purchase a Dot Matrix Printer. The generic Okidata cartridges are $12.95 per 2 at most office supply stores and that is about as cheap as a cartridge gets. We carry 2 sizes of Dot Matrix Tags in boxes of 2000 each. These are continuous feed Tags so that once you load a box of 2000 Tags and set it up to start,  you only have to check on them once and awhile.

Here is the Link: DOT MATRIX TAGS

2.) Laser or Inkjet Printers

This application is the easiest to start with because most of the time this printer is the one you already own. Both Laser & Inket Printers have a carriage mouth of 8.5 (letter/legal size width) which you use for all your basic printing needs: letters, copies, faxes, etc. Good Inkjet Printers can be obtained new for dirt cheap prices, but the Laser counterpart is much more costly. You can use Laser paper in an Inkjet Printer but not Vice-versa unless you dont mind smudge-city. Our (8.5 x 11) TAG Sheets are Laser-Inkjet so they can be used in either type of printer. Our favorite type of Inkjet Printer is the 3 in 1 Lexmark X5100 Series or the newest Version of it. It efficiently prints, scans, copies, faxes and we paid a whopping $99.99 for it. Two drawbacks with Laser-Inkjet Tags: you will always be buying ink cartridges which can run you up to $35.00 each. AND These Tags are Labor intensive because they are  8.5 X 11 sheets with 20 or 30 tags on per sheet so you have to plan on printing that many items each time you push print and you have to make sure each sheets starts and feeds correctly. These Tags are relatively inexpensive and come 2000 per package.

Here is the Link:     LASER-INKJET TAG SHEETS

3.) Direct Thermal Printers

This is the newest application and is a little bit more detailed than the others. The good part about thermal Tags is that the Tags are pretty, come in many sizes, are continuous feed,  and the printers are cartridge-free. They print through thermal transfer when the print-head heats up and strikes the paper. Sounds easy..but they are not without their drawbacks. First off, some of your smaller thermal printers are not strong enough to run continual STIFF heavy cardstock Tags through them. Hence, the printers dont last like the other applications. Some of your earlier thermal printers have a flawed print-head design wherein the print-head is too lightweight for the heavy Tag paper and you have to put weight on top of it like a book or a brick. Cheaper printers/Older Tags are forwarded (moved) through the printer via a hole or aperaturecut between tags that a light passed through and then the tag advanced. But if your printer got out of alignment..or dusty inside, then Voila your Tags keep feeding. Newer, heavier direct thermal printers are strong and relatively trouble-free once they are established. These newer printers utilize the Black-mark forwarding system to push Tags through the printers which consists of a thin black line on the back of each tag. Our Favorite model is the ZEBRA LP-2844 which most modern software companies sell if they utilize direct thermal tags. This strong Zebra LP 2844 printer has a 4 carriage mouth so it can use all the newer, wider Thermal Tags up to a 4 Length as long as they are wound on a 1 core. The Zebra 2844 prints 360 and offers all 3 forwarding systems to move your Tags/Labels through the Printer. This triple application allows you to use yesterdays tags and still be ready for tomorrow. Unlike Dot Matrix Tags & Laser-Inkjet Tag Sheets, Thermal Tags come on rolls and have a shelf life of 16 months-2 years. For best longevity, store them in a Large airtight ziplock bag in a dark place away from any heat source.  We carry MANY Direct Thermal Tags & Labels.

Note: If you are having trouble getting your previously functioning Zebra-Eltron thermal printer to function properly after a power outage or computer change, try DUMPING THE PRINTER>> Turn the printer off by its own button switch. While holding down the printers feed button, turn the printer back on. When it starts printing, let go of the feed button. When it finishes printing, press the form feed button 4 times. The stuff it prints is a bunch of info, but at the end of the info, you should read, OUT of Dump Mode. This sometimes clears your printers brain of all the gobbledeegoup when electricity or your computer fluctuation reeks havoc.

Here is the Link: THERMAL TAGS  & LABELS

Email Us (24/7): markattags@gmail.com 

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