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We recommend that you totally research this site before buying any Point of Sale/ Retail/Consignment Software. You know, a friend who has a store can refer you to their chosen software..but you must ask yourself some important questions before you buy it. Is your store in a location like theirs is? Will you be selling the same type of Goods as they are? Will your investment capitol be the same as theirs? Will your store be as large as theirs is with enough income to sustain the cost of that software, its costly updates & tech support? Are you as computer literate as they are? Is the money you spend on the front end going to be missed later? See Marks Letter >>

After 27 years of Point of Sale, Retail, Wholesale and Consignmentwe are of the opinion that there is NO operating software worth more that $799.00 for that precious disc, especially upon opening a new store. Please, Save YOUR operating dollars. If you will shop carefully and buy reasonably priced software to open your store, you can always upgrade later. Most of the stores that we have witnessed going out of business within the first 2 years, were stores that went HIGH on both software, hardware & their fixtures leaving them little operating cash when they needed it. They spent important start-up & operating dollars on the front end which they badly needed down the road in the leaner J" months. We have another Link on our homepage called  HARDWARE DEALS where we discuss hardware to match your operating software.

Here are Links for some of the reasonably priced Consignment Software. If you will look under FAQ on these sites, it will answer most of your questions. Please remember that all software isnt perfect for all store applications. Only YOU can be the judge of that!



www.rjfsoft.com/index.html  (Canada & USA)  

www.stoker.com/consignment  (now closed)

Email Us (24/7): markattags@gmail.com 

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