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At Markat CC, we charge shipping on your order the FAIR way! We charge UPS Ground shipping cost from our Commercial Zipcode to your Zipcode zone and your total Package Weight. Many TAG suppliers are charging a flat rate fee of $7.00-$9.00 to ship EACH 4000 tags. Example: If you were to place an order for 24,000 tags ..your shipping cost under the flat-rate plan would be a whopping $42.00-$54.00. Under this flat-rate plan even if the shipping destination is only across their home state you will still pay this terrible shipping amount. This is considered a back -door method of tag mark-up. Heres how it works: The supplier quotes you a low Tag price per roll or box. They might even give you free shipping on the first order to get a hook in. Then on subsequent orders, they sock it to you via the flat-rate shipping. Some even charge a handling fee on top of that. Flat Rate shipping can cost you up to 40% more on larger tag orders.

We ship in Used or Refurbished boxes, unless we cannot avoid it. We believe totally in recycling and conservation, especially of our natural resources. Trees/Pulpwood products are what boxes are made of and we want to do our part. Therefore your order might come in a Chef Boyardee box or Cherrios Box or a Boom Box box, etc. Make sure to look for this when your order is expected!! Sometimes clients overlook their orders arrival because they are expecting a plain NEW box.

We have included a shipping estimator in our shopping cart area ..so you can see an estimate of your shipping cost for comparisonbefore you buy!

USA: We use UPS Ground in the USA, so we must have a physical address. UPS does not ship to a Post Office BOX. In the checkout, we have provided one place for your credit card billing address and a second place for your package to-ship-to location. The continental USA standard delivery time is 1-6 working days depending how far away you are from our location in NC. We also offer expedited 2-3 day delivery through UPS, but be forewarnedits pricey! And UPS Express (overnight) charges by the ounce, so we dont recommend it. Example: ONE single roll of tags can cost over $35.00 to ship overnight. Keep in mind too that UPS charges a penalty if your package weighs over 70 pounds, so we try to package your order in a two separate boxes to spare you the added penalty charge of going over the 70 pound limit.

CANADA: We ship USPS Priority Mail for our clients in Canada which takes approximately 4-10 working days to arrive. We usually ship to your residence and send an invoice to your business so we need both addresses. Please be prepared for it to take 10 days in transit before you get concerned.

Email Us (24/7): markattags@gmail.com 

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