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There is always a huge group of applicable hardware out there to be used with the software you buy. You can spend endless $$ on it. We are strong believers in Refurbished Hardware at least as a back-up. Before you purchase any Hardware listed on the website of your chosen Software Companywe suggest a few things.

1.) On your chosen point of sale Softwares website, look at the different Tag & receipt printers, scan guns, cash drawers, computers, etc. Before you buy any of their hardware.Write down complete model numbers of all Hardware you might be getting or interested in and Google them. Or you can research the model numbers through Ebay and check prices! In the search window on the homepage of your computer, type the name brand in first, followed by the model number of the hardware. Example: ZEBRA LP #2844. Do your homework! Then you will know exactly what your cost SHOULD be. Do not pay inflated hardware prices even if they guarantee tech support for it!

2.) If you purchase Hardware from the internet using Ebay..pay through Paypal which carries a money back guarantee if your chosen hardware is inoperable (rare). If you purchase your hardware from a site on/off the internet that doesnt take paypal, use The American Express card or a credit card that has a Buyers Protection Clause protecting you against dysfunctional equipment (rare). American Express even does the fighting for you. Heres your Links:





3.) We have also included a Link below for refurbished credit card equipment & repair in a hurry. This firm has rebuilt our Verifone Credit Card machinery for a deal of a price and did it pronto. We only needed to lease our credit card equipment 1 time to learn that it was a very bad idea. You can own your own for a reasonable price from the site below.

National Ram Electronics : www.ram-electronics.net/index.html


Email Us (24/7): markattags@gmail.com 

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