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Q: What kind of Tags should I purchase?
A: There is no canned answer for this one. (2 questions below we state some of the names of software companies that utilize the size(s) of Tags we stock.) Many times your software company dictates what the particular Tag selections will be, so we sincerely hope that you have visited their website prior to buying any software, to view what tag selections they offer. If you have a childrens store or a nic-nac store, we recommend a smaller Tag that wont look obtrusive or get torn off constantly. If you are a finer Ladies Boutique, you want a fancier Tag with a beveled edge because the prettier tag you have, the more people expect the price to be. If you are a variety store, you will need a Larger Tag so you will be able to suit any items descriptive needs & one that can furnish a buyer sufficient information on brand name, type of material, etc. IMPORTANT!! : Remember.All customers want a piece of that tag left on each item/garment after the purchase.so they can KNOW the amount that you charged them equals the total price they spent. Either you need to Barcode & leave the whole Tag on after the sale or you need to buy 2-Part Tags. Its ok to start with a one part tag with no barcodebut sooner or later you should plan to move into a 2 part tag or barcode/scan. If, after you read this FAQ sheet and you still are unsure & dont know which Tag or Label to order, please to dont hesitate to call our sales department @ 1-888-947-7734

Q: I want to order the minimum of 4 rolls of Vertical Thermal Tags. Do all 4 rolls have to be ALL 1 color?
No, at Markat CC, we pack custom pack your order per roll, per color. If you order 4 rolls, it can be 4 different colors. If you order 8 rolls, it can be 2 rolls of Red ,1 of Gray, 5 of Black. Or for Dot Matrix Tags or Lasertag Sheets..per factory pack/box, respectively.

Q: How much should I spend on Software?
A: Tops: $699.00 or less and no more than $199.00 to Network.

Q: Do you stock Tags for most kinds of software?
A: Yes, we do. We have Tags for Argox-USA, Best Consignment, Consignment Boutique, The Consignment Shop.Biz, The Consignment Till, Consignpro, Consignment Success, Liberty (Resale World), Quicken Books, Sims, Stokerto name a few. Several of these software companies obtained our basic line of tags the first time to configure into their original software..so we know they work. Note: If you are a software company and we carry YOUR tags too, email us & let us know!

Q: What kind of Tag Printer should I buy?
Refer to Tags & Printers section on our home page. It should clarify things for you.

Q: How many Tags will I need to order the first time?
This depends on the square footage of your store and how many items you plan to stock. We recommend a minimum 12,000 tags to start.

Q: I intend to be a BUY-OUTRIGHT store, yet I want Barcode Tags. Do I need expensive software?
No, Argox USA has a stand-alone printer & scanner, etc. for barcode Tags that includes free software & has excellent tech support. The thermal printer will print your own logo and about any size thermal tag you want with all the information. They are very competitive price-wise. Here is your Link: www.argox-usa.com   

Q: Should I change the color of my Tags each month?
Yes, we recommend this so you can easily pull the items at the end of your consignment/cycle period. You do not want to look at every tag in your store to see which items need to be pulled off the racks. You will be too busy.

Q: Should I have a separate unchanging color Tag for myself?
Yes, because the items you own will undoubtedly be higher quality than your consignors and you might not want them automatically marked down. Then if you want to have a sale on your items, you can do a Blue-light special at random for your color tags when it appears you are overstocked in them. If you buy some lower-class items you can always put them on the consignors color of the month and allow them to go through regular markdowns. We recommend Orange or Yellow colored Tags for shop owners to attract the eye of Buyers.

Q: What is the cheapest Tag you have COSTWISE?
Not considering the expense of print cartridge cost, the Laser Inkjet LTS-30 (3-Across Laser Tag sheets) are the best buy. But remember they are small tags about the size of an address label. If you like a slightly bigger tag it would be the LTS-20 (2 across Laser Tag Sheets).

Q: I dont see the size Tag or Label that I want/need. What do I do?
Contact our Sales Department @ 1-888-947-7734 and give us the exact size: Length X Height in inches, specify a Tag (stiff) or a Label (sticky), the name & model printer you will be using and your type of software. We will either suggest an alternate tag or help you find a reasonable supplier for any Tag we do not stock.

Q: I have ordered my Tags. When can I expect them to be shipped?
All weekday (M-F) orders before 2:30 PM Eastern will ship that day. After 2:30 PM, your order will ship the next working day. If you ordered with our shopping cart on Saturday/Sunday/Holidays will ship out the first working day. We do NOT delay shipping ever.

Q: I have received my Tags from you. Now, how do I get them to work?
We recommend that you go to your softwares website and look for the heading Configure or Format Tags . Usually you can locate it through their FAQ page. It should guide you through step by step instructions in accomplishing this. If you have a problem, it is your software companys responsibility to provide the technical support to get you up & running & producing Tags for merchandise. If they dont or wont, perhaps you have purchased the wrong software. If your software company wont help you USE the software in the first placeyou are in trouble. We would recommend returning the software and starting over. Most software companies give you 30 days to return it. Dont spend too much time messing with softwaretheres too many eager software fish in the sea. Go somewhere they WANT your business. We do not get paid tech support to configure your tags.

Q: I have tried & tried to get my Tags configured & it seems to be taking forever. Is this normal?
It can be. Earmark a solid (whole) day for Tag set-up/configuration in a quiet place that you will be alone & able to concentrate. In our last store, configuring our Tags to reflect all kinds of important Store information on a 2 Part Tag took us about 6 hours. Just remember to keep pushing the SAVE button each time you change anything so you wont lose it if you accidentally close the page. When you have your Tags looking like you want them to, make sure to note the exact settings and tape these settings in the front of your software manual. Then if a power surge or breakdown erases it, you can re-input the required information easily.

Q: My Zebra/Eltron thermal printer used to work just fine until I a.)bought a new computer or b.) my computer crashed or c.) added a program or d.) updated my software or e.)changed my Tag type or layout or f.)there was a electrical outage or power surge. Why is my printer on the blink or just acting bonkers?
Always remember that your printer is only a slave to your computers operating system software. A printer can only DO what your computer tells it to do. Some older printers can only talk or receive instructions one way at a time, unlike newer printers that hold a 2-way conversation with your computer. Sometimes your printer will lose communication with the computer. Here are some functions that you can try which might help to restore it. Shut your computer down normally. After it is shutdown, remove the printer-computer cable from the back of itself, count to 20 and plug the cable back in. Boot your computer back up & see if it restores the printer ( finds new hardware). If you have a Zebra/Eltron thermal printer, you can try clearing or Dumping your printer by doing this: Turn the printer off by its own button switch. While holding down the printers feed button, turn the printer back on. When it starts printing, let go of the feed button. When it finishes printing, press the form feed button 4 times. The stuff it prints is a bunch of info, but at the end of the info, you should read, OUT of Dump Mode. This sometimes clears your printers receptors of all the gobbledeegoupIf you dont have a Zebra or Eltron printer, look for instructions in your printers manual or go to your manufacturers website.

Q: The normal type of Tags which I have been using do not seem to be working/printing correctly in my printer. Is it the Tags that are causing this?
Lets face it, Tags are made of heavy cardstock and many of these printers are not made for continued daily use with this heavy paper day in & day out. Most home printers are made for occasional personal usage and you are using them in a commercial manner. THEY WEAR OUT! On our Tags & Printers Page, we have recommended 3 printers that are ready for this heavier commercial action. Apart from the normal wear & tear on the printer from commercial use, certain printer models are just plain faulty or problematic. Example: The clam shell Orion series of Eltron Thermal Printers had a printhead that was not heavy enough to force the Tags close enough to the Printhead, to print them. So the tag print was light or sporadic or missing. A brick or book on top of the printhead fixed it. But until this was discovered, people blamed the Tags themselves. Heres the ratio, Ladies & gents: Markat CC Tags are at fault about 3% of the time. The other 97% of the time it is your printer, your computer, or your software. We heartily recommend that you purchase a USED back-up printer as soon as you can, to swing it into action should your everyday printer go down.
If you wish to run 2-4 printers with the same computer & software, you can purchase a slim switch which plugs into the printer slot of your computer. Then you can plug up to 4 printers into the back of the slim switch which allows you to just dial A-B-C-D for whichever Printer you wish to use. Its great!

Q: I have bought the wrong Tags or dont like the color. Can I return them or exchange them?
Once you receive your order, please check it immediately. If we have made an error, we give 30 days from date of invoice for you to return it. Example: If we made a mistake and sent you red Tags when you ordered yellow, we will reimburse you for return UPS shipping and send you replacement Tags as soon as we receive your return. However, we do not accept returns for mistakes on your part. Its not fair for another customer to pay full price for an item thats been shipped back and forth to another customer & handled. Please do not order Tags until you are sure that your chosen Tags are supported by your software company. We will gladly send samples of colors and or types of Tags to you before you purchase your tags, so if you ordered correctlythere should be no mistakes.

Email Us (24/7): markattags@gmail.com 

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