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Mark Walker purchased the business in spring 2002 and renamed the business Markat and added the CC in honor of previous owner's (Ralph Clark) Custom Communications. In the next few years Ralph Clark gave his advice & knowledge to Markat CC and in Spring 2005, Markat CC showcased a new line of State of the Art Horizontal Print Thermal Tags in Colors. Mark has reworked the Tag templates to please his clientele and is still doing this. He listens to what you all want.

Today in 2010, Mark of Markatcc is still doing everything he can to keep Tag Prices from rising. The UPS shipping you are charged on your order is the fair amount...not an exorbitant flat rate per 4,000. This company is still open many times on weekends, Holidays, and late hours to serve you. We appreciate your business and your many referrals!

Here is Marks statement to Store Owners shopping for software:
        If you are shopping for potential software to help run your store...Tag selection will be an extremely important decision. Keep in mind that year by year, you will spend far more money on your tags & labels than you will ever spend on your software. Our honest counsel: Always make sure that you have the freedom (with software) to use ANY printer that you choose & that you can select ANY size or type of tag that you select or want to format on your own (And I Mean Any). Make very sure of this before you purchase software and make the software writer-salesperson guarantee it! Too often software writers will only allow certain printers to be used with their software, because they are stocking/selling this particular model. Some software writers even control what Tags-Labels you are allowed to use because they are getting a kick-back from the tag supplier on the tags which, in the end, you will pay for! This is a negative, especially if the Printers or Tags become obsolete before you hardly use them. If you buy a new car, you should be able to purchase parts from whomever and not be penalized in your warranty or pay extra for doing so. Software Tech-support should never depend on where you purchase your hardware or tags. Consider your Software choices carefully, because when you spend $799.00(or up) of your hard earned money on software... it should not control your hardware or tag choices!! High-priced software does not mean it's better. It probably has bells & whistles that you would consider a pain on a daily basis. So, in essence, sometimes it's JUST more. Simple, easy-to use software, is usually better.

Mark @Markat CC

Email Us (24/7): markattags@gmail.com 

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