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We have listed Links to Software for you under Software Choices on the left side of our homepage. At Markat CC, we do NOT pay these Software companies any royalties/ kickbacks for linking us or using us as their preferred Tag supplier. They recommend us because we charge less for quality Tags and we have 27 years in the industry. We understand Consignment & Point of Sale from start to finish. Since we pay NO kickbacks to software companies and charge fairly for shipping, we will always have lower prices.

At Markat CC, we want to see your store or company prosper. If you are opening a new store or wanting to shop smart for an existing store, cost of TAGS & Labels should be given a lot of consideration. Over the years you are in business, you will buy tags repeatedly, perhaps as frequently as once each month. As you grow & expandYou will spend thousands of dollars on Tags & Labels. You may want to change your type of printer and tags several times to save money while growing. Therefore having the freedom of MANY options of TAG types & sizes already configured into your software program is important. Example: If you want a small & inexpensive Tag and all your software program offers is an expensive Larger Tag, keep looking. Or ask them to configure your chosen TAG for FREE!! When you consider buying software.Please visit their website and look at your Tag Options in depth. Here are some pointers!

*Be careful when you view multiple TAGS because they could be just 4 basic tags with different information on each one. Look closely! Make sure their sizes differ.

*Beware of Software Companies that do not openly allow you to view their Tag Options until you have downloaded their trial program. Just say no.

*Beware of Software Companies that require or recommend you to purchase their own Tags because there is no way they WANT to be competitive. You are at their mercy and you will pay 25%-35% more for your Tags.

*Be careful of any Software Company where their technical support charge, discount, or availability is tied into where you purchase your tags. Avoid buying your Tags through Tag Plans because many times.the exorbitant price you pay for just the Tags & Shipping will be higher than the cost of Tags & grand in-house technical support with a tech of your choice.

*Avoid Software companies that charge you to create a driver for a Tag you want to use that is not listed on their website. It stands to reason that there are only so many sizes of tags and that these companies are selling & charging for the same drivers over & over again. Look for the software companies that can willingly help you use the Tag of your choice for free.
Email Us (24/7): markattags@gmail.com 

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